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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Assam History MCQ Set 1: For APSC, PNRD, TET, DHS, Assam Police, etc

Here is a set of Assam History MCQ (multiple choice question). There are four options for each question, bold one is the correct option. This post is going to be very useful for various competitive examinations e.g., APSC, Assam Police, TET, DHS, PNRD etc.  

1.  Which Viceroy had combined the eastern district of Bengal with Assam in 1905?
a) Lord Curzon
b) Lord Dufferin
c) Lord Minto
d) Lord Chelmsford

2. Kanaklata Barua was associated with which of the following freedom movement?
a) Civil disobedience movement
b) Quit India Movement
c) Non cooperation movement
d) Individual Satyagraha

3. When was the Treaty of Yandaboo signed in?
a) 1824
b) 1857
c) 1826
d) 1902

4. Who was the Chief minister of Assam when the capital of the state was shifted to Dispur from Shillong?
a) Tarun Gogoi
b) Gopinath Bordoloi
c) Sarat Chandra Singha
d) Prafulla Mahanta

5. The first Peasant Uprising in Assam against the British was?
a) Patharughat Raijmel
b) Battle of Itakhuli
c) Phulaguri Dhawa
d) Rangiya Raijmel

6. In which year tea was discovered in Asaam by Robert Bruce?
a) 1876
b) 1823
c) 1832
d) 1837

7. The Ahom dynasty ruled the Ahom kingdom for approximately how many years?
a) 460 years
b) 500 years
c) 600 years
d) 680 years

8. The historic Assam Accord was signed on

a) 15th August 1948
b) 15th August 1985
c) 26th January 1985
d) 1st December 1990

9.  Which of the following ruler is popularly known as ‘Chilarai’?
a) Nara Narayan
b) Mahamanikya
c) Sukladhvaj
d) Durlabh Narayan

10. Who among the following was the first tea planter of India?
a) Robert Bruce
b) Maniram Dewan
c) Krishnakanta Handique
d) None of the above

11. Who represented Assam in the Round table conference of 1937?
a) Bisnuram Medhi
b) Gopinath Bordoloi
c) Bimala P. Chaliha
d) Chandradhar Baruah

12. Srimanta Sankardeva was able to establish 'Ek Saran Naam Dharma' during which king's rule?
a) Bhaskarvarman
b) Vishwa Singha
c) Naranarayan
d) Chilarai

13.  Who was the founder of the Varmana Dynasty?

a) Pushyavarman
b) Bhaskar Varman
c) Banabhatta
d) Mahendravarman

14. The Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang visited Kamarupa in which year?
a) 602 A.D.
b) 643 A.D.
c) 650 A.D.
d) 543 A.D.

15.  Medieval period poet Rama Saraswati was a court poet of which of the following king?

a) Bhaskaravarman
b) Durlabhnarayan
c) Brahmapala
d) Rudra Singha

16. Who was the first king from Assam to perform 'Aswamedha Yagna'?
a) Pushyavarman
b) Bhaskarvarman
c) Mahendravarman
d) None of these

17. The capital of Varmana Dynasty of Kamrupa Kingdom was-
a) Pragjyotishpur
b) Gargaon
c) Saraideo
d) Rongpur

18.  Who among the following is the earliest known king of ancient Assam?
a) Narakasur
b) Mahiranga Danava
c) Hidimba
d) Sri Harsha

19. Who was the founder of Chutiya kingdom?
a) Mahipal
b) Sukapha
c) Bhagadutta
d) Birpal

20. Which of the following King rebuilt the Kamakhya Temple?
a) Rudra Singha
b) Bhagadutta
c) Naranarayan
d) Pramatta Singha