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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Assam Arts and Culture MCQ Set 1: For APSC, PNRD, TET, DHS, Assam Police, etc

Here is a set of Assam Arts and Culture MCQ (multiple choice question). There are four options for each question, bold one is the correct option. This post is going to be very useful for various competitive examinations e.g., APSC, Assam Police, TET, DHS, PNRD etc.  

1. The first Mobile Theatre in Assam is
a) Kohinoor Theatre
b) Abahan Theatre
c) Suradevi Theatre
d) Nataraj Theatre

2. Baisagu festival is celebrated by which tribe

a) Bodo
b) Karbi
c) Rabha
d) Garo

3. Who was the first Assamese translator of the Ramayana ?

a) Madhavdeva
b) Ananta kandali
c) Madhab Kandali
d) Ram Saraswati

4. First modern play in Assamese :
a) Kharu
b) Ram Navami
c) Sonmoina
d) Lukabhaku

5. First Assamese color Film was

a) Duranir Rang
b) Pyoli Phukan
c) Bhaiti
d) Agnishanan

6. Haidang are the traditional folk songs of which tribe?
a) Rabha
b) Bodo
c) Tiwa
d) Sonowal Kachari

7. First Assamese to win National Award for Best Actress :
a) Sima Bishwas
b) Malaya Goswami
c) Purnima Pathk Saikia
d) Eva Ashaw

8. First Assamese play to be broadcast over all India Radio in 1935 was

a) Lahori
b) Bin Bairagi
c) Bon Kunwari
d) Jeebanar batat

9. Ali-Ai-Ligang is the festival of following tribe of Assam:
a) Mising

b) Rabha
c) Tiwa
d) Bodo

10. The language Srimanta Sankardeva used for all his borgeets is

a) Sanskrit
b) Brajavali
c) Assamese
d) Maithili

11. Hasti Vidyarnava, an ancient Assamese treatise on elephants or elephantology was written by
a) Srimanta Sankardeva
b) Sukumar Barkath
c) Ram Saraswati
d) Banabhatta

12. Which Ahom king introduced Singarigharutha, the coronation ceremony of Ahom Kings?
a) Sukapha
b) Sudangpha/ Bamuni Raja
c) Rudra Singha
d) Lachit Borphukan

13. How many Borgeets were written by Srimanta Sankardeva ?
a) 100
b) 200
c) 240
d) 190

14. Who built the Umananda temple?
a) Gadadhar Singha
b) Susenghphaa
c) Chandrakanta Singha
d) Gobar Roja

15. Who founded the Barpeta Satra?

a) Damodardeva
b) Sankardeva
c) Madhavdeva
d) Rudra Singha

16. What was the first Assamese Children’s Magazine?
a) Mouchaq
b) Sofura
c) Lora Bondhu
d) Tarzan

17. The terra-cotta industry in Assam has developed in
a) Goalpara District
b) Barak Valley
c) Dhubri District
d) Tinsukia District

18. Bagarumba is a folk dance performed by
a) Garos
b) Bodos
c) Mishings
d) Rabhas

19. Maidams are
a) elaborate burial tanks of Ahom nobility and kings
b) large fields
c) temples
d) enclosure for sporting activities

20. “Bukuni-Patani” is a traditional costume of which tribe
a) Ahom
b) Sonowal–Kachari
c) Koch Rajbongshi
d) Karbi