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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

List of Stock Exchanges in the World

Stock exchanges are where individual and institutional investors come together to buy and sell shares in a public venue. Nowadays these exchanges exist as electronic marketplaces.

Here is a list of important stock exchanges around the world which is very important from competitive examination point of view.


- Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in the world established in 1602 by the Dutch East India Company.
- The Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest exchange in Asia.
- NASDAQ is the world’s first Electronic Stock Exchange.
- The New York Stock Exchange is nicknamed as “The Big Board”.
- The main difference between SENSEX and Nifty is that SENSEX is the stock market index for BSE Limited, while Nifty is the stock market index for National Stock Exchange (NSE). 

Here is the list of some important Stock Exchanges in the world: 

Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
New York City
New Work City
Japan Exchange Group
London Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

European Union/EEA
TMX Group
Bombay Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange
Deutsche Börse

Stockholm Stock Exchange

Taiwan Stock Exchange

Sao Paulo

South Africa
Korea Exchange
South Korea
Seoul, Busan
Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Assam History MCQ on Ahom Kingdom: 40+ Important Questions

Ahom Dynasty ruled for almost 600 years in Assam and hence covers a large part of Assam History. In this article, we will cover 40+ MCQs on Assam History during Ahoms.

These questions are going to be very useful for various competitive examinations e.g., APSC, Assam Police, TET, DHS, PNRD etc. 

1. Who among the following was known as an economist and social reformer during the Ahom rule?
a) Lachit Borphukan
b) Badan Borphukan
c) Purnananda Buragohain
d) Momai Tamuli Borbaruah

2. In 1794 the capital of Ahom Kingdom was shifted from Rangpur to-

a) Jorhat
b) Charaideo
c) Gargaon
d) Sonari

3. Which of the following Ahom king signed the Treaty of Majuli with Koch king Naranarayan?

a) Pramatta Singha
b) Rudra Singha
c) Sukaphaa
d) Sukhamphaa

4. In which year did the Koch King Naranarayan invade the Ahom kingdom?
a) 1562

b) 1665
c) 1711
d) 1555

5. The rule of Ahom kingdom ended with the invasion of

a) Portuguese
b) Burmese
c) British
d) Mughals

6. The Yandaboo Treaty was signed in 1826 between
a) East India Company and the Ahom King
b) East India Company and the Burmese
c) British Crown and the Ahom King
d) British Crown and the Burmese

7. The last independent Ahom King was

a) Chandrakanta Singha
b) Kamaleswar Singha
c) Jogeswar Singha
d) Purandar Singha

8. Sadiya Khowa Gohain was a
a) Jamindar
b) King
c) frontier officer
d) naval commander

9. The king nicknamed as Bhagaraja was
a) Sutiyampha
b) Sutamla
c) Surampha
d) Sunytpha

10. Rang Ghar was first constructed during the reign of
a) Rudra Singha

b) Rajeswar Singha
c) Pramatta Singha
d) Siva Singha

11. The first Ahom Monarch to assume the Hindu title Swarganarayan’ was

a) Siva Singha
b) Pratap Singha
c) Jaydhwaj Singha
d) Suhungmung

12.  Ahom-Mughal conflict ended with which battle?
a) Battle of Saraighat
b) Battle of Itakhuli
c) Battle of Bharali
b) None of these

13. What was the last capital of Ahom kingdom?

a) Rangpur
b) Gargaon
c) Jorhat

d) Charaideu

14. What was Moamoria rebellion?

a) Conflict between Ahoms and Chutiyas
b) Conflict between Kachari and Chutiyas
c) Conflict between Ahoms and Mughals
d) Conflict between Ahoms and Morans

15. Which Ahom King planned to invade Bengal?
a) Rudra Singha

b) Siva Singha
c) Sukapha
d) None of these

16. What is Treaty of Asurar Ali?
a) Peace treaty between Burmese and Ahoms
b) Boundary treaty between Ahoms and Chutiyas
c) Peace treaty between Ahoms and Mughals
d) None of these.

17) Who created the post of 'Borphukan' and 'Borbarua' in Ahom Kingdom? 

a) Pratap Singha  
b) Rudra Singha
c) Siva Singha
d) Sukapha

18) Which Ahom king was known as 'Dihingia Roja' ?

a) Sukapha
b) Suhungmung
c) Suseupa
d) Sudangpha

19) Which of the following Ahom King dug the Joysagar Tank in memory of his mother Joymoti?
a) Sivasingha
b) Pratap Singha
c) Gadapani
d) Rudra Singha

20) Who was the first Borphukan of Ahom kingdom?
a) Badan Chandra Borphukan
b) Lachit Borphukan
c) Langi Panisiya Borphukan
d) Jeuti Borphukan

21) The rule of Ahom kingdom ended with the invasion of
a) Burmese

b) Bengal
c) British
d) Portuguese

22) Ahoms ruled Assam for how many years?
a) 200
b) 600
c) 100
d) 350

23) Who was the last ruler of Ahom kingdom?
a) Jaydwaja Singha
b) Sudingpha
c) Purandar Singha
d) Jogeswar Singha

24) Paik System was first introduced by

a) Lachit Borphukan
b) Momai Tamuli Barbarua
c) Sukaphaa
d) Purandar Singha

25) Sadiya Khowa Gohain was a
a) Jamindar
b) King
C) Frontier Officer
d) Naval Commander

26) Rang Ghar was rebuilt with brick during the reign of
a) Rudra Singha
b) Rajeswar Singha
c) Pramatta Singha
d) Siv Singha

27) The Ahom Monarch to assume the Hindu title Swarganarayan was
a) Siva Singha
b) Pratap Singha
c) Jayadhwaj Singha
d) Suhungmung

28) The Dhodar Ali was constructed during the reign of
a) Rudra Singha
b) Gadadhar Singha

c) Pramatta Singha
d) Siva Singha

29. The first phase of Moamoria Rebellion was started in
a) 1749
b) 1759
c) 1769
d) 1779

30. During which Ahom King reign, the Saraighat battle was ended with decisive win over Mughal
a) Chakradhwaj Singha
b) Udayaditya Singha
c) Jayadhwaj Singha
d) Pratap Singha

31. Which Swargadeo shifted the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from Garhgaon to Rangpur
a) Gadadhar Singha
b) Sukhrangpha
c) Siva Singha
d) Rudra Singha

32. Which Ahom queen built the Sivadol in Sivasagar

a) Mula Gabharu
b) Ambika Kunwori
c) Phuleswari
d) Kuranganayani

33. The Namdang Stone Bridge was constructed during the reign of Ahom king
a) Lakshmi Singha
b) Siva Singha
c) Gadadhar Singha
d) Rudra Singha

34. Name the Mughal General who took possession of the Ahom Capital Garhgaon in 1662
a)  Murshid Quli Khan
b) Mir Jumla
c) Islam Khan
d) Shaista Khan

35. The Itakhulir Rann was fought against Mughal during the reign of
a) Siba Singha
b) Gadadhar Singha
c) Rudra Singha 
d) Pramatta Singha

36. Kamata Princess Rajani was offered to which Ahom King as a peace treat?
a) Sudangpha
b) Sukhangpha
c) Tao-Kham-Thi
d) Suhummong

37. Who married Kuranganayani ?
a) Rajeswar Singha
b) Jayadhwaj Singha
c) Siva Singha
d) Pratap Singha

38. What was the shape of coins in Ahom Kingdom?
a) Octagonal
b) Circular
c) Hexagonal
d) Square

39. The Treaty of Ghilajharighat, Tipam, was signed by Ahoms with Mughal Commander
a) Mir Jumla

b) Abu Bakar
c) Ram Singha
d) Abu Siddiqui

40. Borphukans were from the following community
a) Kacharis
b) Chutias
c) Ahom
d) Mech

Saturday, April 11, 2020

List of Cups and Trophies Associated with Sports

Here is a list of most important cups and trophies related to various sports and games. This is an extensive list of both National and International level games and tournaments. 

A question on this topic is sure to find its way into various Competitive Examinations such as APSC, PNRD, DHS, Assam Police, TET, SSC, IBPS, etc.

International Cups & Trophies

American Cup : Yacht Racing
Ashes : Cricket
Benson and Hedges : Cricket
Canada Cup : Golf
Colombo Cup : Football
Corbitton Cup : Table Tennis (Women)
Davis Cup : Lawn Tennis
Derby : Horse Race
FA Cup  : Football
Fed Cup : Tennis (Women)
Grand National : Horse Streple Chase Race
Jules Rimet Trophy : World Soccer Cup
King’s Cup : Air Races
Merdeka Cup : Football
Ryder Cup : Golf
Swaythling Cup : Table Tennis (Men)
Sudirman Cup : Badminton
Sultan Azlan Shah Cup :    Hockey (Men)
Thomas Cup : Badminton
U. Thant Cup : Tennis
Uber Cup : Badminton (Women)
Walker Cup : Golf
Westchester Cup : Polo
Wightman Cup : Lawn Tennis
World Cup : Cricket
World Cup : Hockey
Reliance Cup : Cricket
Rothman’s Trophy : Cricket
William’s Cup : Basketball
European Champions Cup : Football
Eisenhower Cup : Golf
Essande Champions Cup : Hockey
Rene Frank Trophy : Hockey
Grand Prix : Table Tennis
Edgbaston Cup : Lawn Tennis
Grand Prix : Lawn Tennis
World Cup : Weight-lifting

National Cups & Trophies

Agarwal Cup : Badminton
Agha Khan Cup : Hockey
All-India Women’s Guru Nanak Championship : Hockey
Bandodkar Trophy : Football
Bangalore Blues Challenge Cup : Basketball
Barna-Bellack Cup : Table Tennis
Beighton Cup : Hockey
Bombay Gold Cup : Hockey
Burdwan Trophy : Weight-lifting
Charminar Trophy : Athletics
Chadha Cup : Badminton
C. K. Naydu Trophy : Cricket
Chakoia Gold Trophy : Football
Divan Cup : Badminton
Deodhar Trophy : Cricket
Duleep Trophy : Cricket
D. C. M. Cup : Football
Durand Cup : Football
Dhyan Chand Trophy : Hockey
Dr. B. C. Roy Trophy : Football (Junior)
Ezra Cup : Polo
G. D. Birla Trophy : Cricket
Ghulam Ahmed Trophy : Cricket
Gurmeet Trophy : Hockey
Gura Nanak Cup : Hockey
Gyanuati Devi Trophy : Hockey
Holkar Trophy : Bridge
lrani Trophy : Cricket
I. F. A. Shield : Football
lndira Gold Cup : Hockey
Jawaharlal Challenge : Air Racing
Jaswant Singh Trophy : Best Services Sportsman
Kuppuswamy Naidu Trophy : Hockey
Lady Rattan Tata Trophy : Hockey
MCC Trophy : Hockey
Moinuddaula Gold Cup : Cricket
Murugappa Gold Cup : Hockey
Modi Gold Cup : Hockey
Narang Cup : Badminton
Nehru Trophy : Hockey
Nixan Gold Cup : Football
Obaid Ullah Gold Cup : Hockey
Prithi Singh Cup : Polo
Rani Jhansi Trophy : Cricket
Ranjit Trophy : Cricket
Rangaswami Cup : Hockey
Ranjit Singh Gold Cup : Hockey
Rajendra Prasad Cup : Tennis
Ramanujan Trophy : Table Tennis
Rene Frank Trophy : Hockey
Radha Mohan Cup : Polo
Raghbir Singh Memorial : Football
Rohinton Baria Trophy : Cricket
Rovers Cup : Football
Sanjay Gold Cup : Football
Santosh Trophy : Football
Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee : Football
Subroto Cup : Football
Scindia Gold Cup : Hockey
Sahni Trophy : Hockey
Sheesh Mahal Trophy : Cricket
Todd Memorial Trophy : Football
Tommy Eman Gold Cup : Hockey
Vittal Trophy : Football
Vijay Hazare Trophy: Cricket
Vijay Merchant Trophy : Cricket
Wellington Trophy : Rowing
Wills Trophy : Cricket

Friday, April 10, 2020

List of News Agencies in Different Countries

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, News agency is an organization that gathers, writes, and distributes news from around a nation or the world to newspapers, periodicals, radio and television broadcasters, government agencies, and other users.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Ahom Dynasty: List of All Ahom Kings

The Ahom Dynasty lasted for approximately 600 years in Assam and parts of North East India. The dynasty was established by Sukaphaa, a Shan prince of Mong Mao who came to Assam after crossing the Patkai mountains. 

They were well known for showing great resistance to the mighty Mughals from further expansion. In these 600 years there were at least 41 kings beginning with Sukaphaa in 1228 and the dynasty ending with Purandar Singha in 1838 with the arrival of  British East India Company who disrupted the whole Empire.

Here is the list of all the kings of Ahom Dynasty starting from Sukaphaa to Purandar Singha .

1Sukaphaa 1228–1268
2Suteuphaa 1268–1281
3Subinphaa 1281–1293
4Sukhaangphaa 1293–1332
5Sukhrangpha 1332–1364

Interregnum 1364–1369
6Sutuphaa 1369–1376

Interregnum 1376–1380
7Tyao Khamti 1380–1389

Interregnum 1389–1397
8Sudangphaa 1397–1407
9Sujangphaa 1407–1422
10Suphakphaa 1422–1439
11Susenphaa 1439–1488
12Suhenphaa 1488–1493
13Supimphaa 1493–1497
14Suhungmung 1497–1539
15Suklenmung 1539–1552
16Sukhaamphaa 1552–1603
17Susenghphaa 1603–1641
18Suramphaa 1641–1644
19Sutingphaa 1644–1648
20Sutamla 1648–1663
21Supangmung 1663–1670
22Sunyatphaa 1670–1672
23Suklamphaa 1672–1674
24Suhung 1674–1675
25Gobar Roja 1675–1675
26Sujinphaa 1675–1677
27Sudoiphaa 1677–1679
28Sulikphaa 1679–1681
29Supatphaa 1681–1696
30Sukhrungphaa 1696–1714
31Sutanphaa 1714–1744
32Sunenphaa 1744–1751
33Suremphaa 1751–1769
34Sunyeophaa 1769–1780
35Suhitpangphaa 1780–1795
36Suklingphaa 1795–1811
37Sudingphaa 1811–1818
38Purandar Singha 1818–1819
39Chandrakanta Singha 1819–1821
40Jogeswar Singha 1821–1822
41Purandar Singha 1833–1838