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Assam Geography MCQ Set 1: For APSC, PNRD, TET, DHS, Assam Police, etc

Here is a set of Assam Geography MCQ (multiple choice question). There are four options for each question, bold one is the correct option. This post is going to be very useful for various recruitment/s in APSC, Assam Police, TET, DHS, PNRD etc. 

1. What is the state tree of Assam?

a) Segun
b) Hollong
c) Bamboo
d) Neem

2.  Manas National Park falls in:

a) Baksa & Barpeta District
b) Chirang & Baksa District
c) Chirang & Bongaigaon District
d) Baksa & Bongaigaon District

3. Which of the following river doesn't originate in the hills of Arunachal

a) Dihing River
b) Kameng River
c) Dibang River
d) Kolong river

4. What is the length of the river Brahmaputra in India?

a) 910 km
b) 915 km
c) 916 km
d) 918 km

5. In which district the “Sri Surya Pahar” is located

a) Dhubri
b) Goalpara
c) Darrang
d) Chirang

6. Which one is the highest peak in Assam ?

a) Nilachal Peak
b) Laike Peak
c) Patkai Peak
d) Kanduli Peak

7.  When was Kaziranga inscribed as a UNSECO World Heritage site?

a) 1980
b) 1982
c) 1983
d) 1985

8.  Brahmaputra, after joining Tista river, is known as

a) Jamuna
b) Padma
c) Meghna
d) Dihang

9. Which forest is single-handedly planted by Jadav Payeng

a) Barnadi forest
b) Molai forest
c) Barail forest
d) Dihing forest

10. Total number of districts that are on the bank of Brahmaputra river is

a) 14
b) 18
c) 21
d) 25

11. The Bhupen Hazarika Setu (Dhola–Sadiya Bridge) is constructed over which river?

a) Brahmaputra
b) Barak
c) Dihang
d) Lohit

12.  Which National Park in Assam is one of the last strongholds for the wild water buffalo?

a) Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
b) Manas National Park
c) Orang National Park
d) Kaziranga National Park

13. Which of the following is not among the major birds found in Assam?

a) Blue-throated Barbet
b) White Peafowl
c) Ring-tailed Fishing Eagle
d) White-winged Wood Duck

14. Assam has common boundary with how many Indian states

a) 5 states
b) 6 state
c) 7 state
d) 8 state

15. Which of is the largest wetland in Assam

a) Cahndubi Lake
b) Deepor Beel
c) Kumri Beel Lake
d) Sonbill Lake

16. Which of the following is associated with Bordoichila in Assam?

a) Pre-monsoon season
b) Monsoon season
c) Retreating monsoon season
d) Winter season

17. The Gai, a tributary to Brahmaputra is situated between:

a) Dibang and Dihang
b) Dihang and Subansiri
c) Subansiri and Bharali
d) Bharali and Bornadi

18. The Brahmaputra, Irrawady and Mekong rivers originate in Tibet and flow through narrow and parallel mountain ranges in their upper reaches. Of these rivers, Brahmaputra makes a “U” turn in its course to flow into India. This “U” turn is due to

a) Uplift of folded Himalayan series
b) Syntaxial bending of geologically young Himalayas
c) Geo-tectonic disturbance in the tertiary folded mountain chains
d) Both (a) and (b) above

19. Which town is also known as the Manchester of Assam

a) Jorhat
b) Sualkuchi
c) Diphu
d) Digboi

20. Which of the following places is the site of rain forest in Assam and in which District

a) Sonai Rupai (Sonitpur)
b) Joypur (Dibrugarh)
c) Sessa (Dibrugarh)
d) Manas (Kokrajhar)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

First in Assam or First Assamese

In this article we will talk about First in Assam or first Assamese to achieve certain distinction in concerned fields. 

1) Air Vice Marshall of Indian Air Force: Pranab Kumar Borbora

2) Barrister: Anundoram Borooah

3) Cabinet minister of Union Cabinet: Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed

4) Chairman, Sangeet Natak Academy: Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

5) Chief Justice of High Court: Haliram Deka

6) Justice of Supreme Court: Parvati Kumar Goswami

7) Chief Minister: Gopinath Bordoloi

8) Director, AIIMS: Dr. Ramesh Deka

9) Director, National Museum: Rabin Dev Chaudhury

10) Director, Reserve Bank of India: Ganesh Phukan

11) Graduate: Anundoram Barooah (1869)

12) Graduate, Woman: Sukhalata Dowarah and Sudhalata Dowarah

13) ICS: Anundoram Barooah

14) Justice of High Court, Woman: Meera Sarma

15) Minister in the union cabinet, Woman: Renuka Devi Barkotoky

16) Multi language Online dictionary: Xobdo (2006)

17) President of India: Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed

18) President of Indian Football Association: Nurul Amin

19) President of Indian National Congress: Devakanta Baruah

20) Recipient of Jnanpith Award: Dr. Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya, 1979

21) Recipient of Jnanpith Award, Woman: Mamoni Roisom Goswami, 2000

22) Recipient of Padma Bhushan: Krishnakanto Handique, 1967

23) Recipient of Padma Bhushan, Woman: Pushpalata Das, 1999

24) Recipient of Padmasree: Krishnakanto Handique, 1955

25) Recipient of Padmasree, Woman: Nalinibala Devi, 1957

26) Speaker of Assam Legislative Assembly: Babu Basanta Kumar Das

27) Vice Chancellor of a University: Krishnakanto Handique, Gauhati University, 1948-1957

28) Vice Chancellor of a University outside Assam: Sarat Kumar Dutta, Kurukshetra University.

29) Chief Justice of Supreme Court: Ranjan Kumar Gogoi

30) Arjuna Award winner: Bhogeswar Baruah

31) Gold medal at an international track event: Hima Das

32) Film Studio: Jyoti Chitraban

33) Printed Book: Dharma Pustak by Atmaram Sharma

34) University: Gauhati University

35) Colour Movie: Bhaiti

36) Bridge over Brahmaputra: Saraighat Bridge 

37) Radio Station: Guwahati & Shillong

38) Phd: Maidul Islam Bora

39) Assamese Governor: Bishnuram Medhi

Monday, October 14, 2019

Nobel Prize Winners 2019: Check Complete Winner List [Download PDF]

The Nobel Prize 2019 announcements are underway this fortnight, with the first prize, in the category of physiology or medicine. Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry,  literature and peace have been announced and economic sciences will follow within next a few days. 

Nobel Prizes are recognised as the most prestigious honours for outstanding contributions for humanity awarded in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economic Sciences by Swedish and Norwegian institutions.

Nobel winners are given a medal, a certificate and a cash award of about $900,000 (when multiple people win a single Nobel, they typically split the cash award.)

Here are the 2019 Nobel Prize winners (so far) : 

Physiology or Medicine
William G. Kaelin
"For their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability."
Peter J. Ratcliffe
United Kingdom
Gregg L. Semenza
Jim Peebles

"For theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology"
Michel Mayor
"For the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star."
Didier Queloz
Akira Yoshino
"For the development of lithium-ion batteries."
M. Stanley Whittingham
United Kingdom
John B. Goodenough
Peter Handke
"For an influential work that with linguistic ingenuity has explored the periphery and the specificity of human experience."
Abiy Ahmed Ali
"For his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea."
Economic Sciences
Abhijit Banerjee
"For their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty."
Michael Kremer
Esther Duflo

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Indian States and International Boundaries

India shares international land borders with seven sovereign countries and it is the only country in the Indian subcontinent to share its land borders with every member country of the subcontinent. There are seven land neighbours of India:  Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan


* India and Bangladesh share fifth longest land border in the world. The length of the border is 4,096 kms.
* Country with longest border line with India: Bangladesh
* Country with smallest border line with India: Afghanistan (Only officially )
* Indian state with longest coastal line: Gujarat
* The state of “Jammu & Kashmir” actually has 3176 km of international border with Pakistan, China and Afghanistan. But, due to border disputes and wars, India lost significant amount of land in Jammu & Kashmir making the International border just 2000 km ( 1474 with Pakistan and over 650 with China).
So, practically, the state of West Bengal which has 2500 km of International border with Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal has the longest international border.
* Indian State with maximum international borders: 3 Countries. There are three such states: Sikkim, West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh

* Jammu and Kashmir (If India’s claim on Gilgit-Baltistan is taken into account) shares boundary with China in north and east, Afghanistan in north and Pakistan in west. 

In this article, we will talk about various Indian states, those share their boundaries with other countries. 

States that share International Borders
Jammu and Kashmir ( Pakistan Occupied Kashmir )
Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim and West Bengal
Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura and West Bengal
Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim
Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram
Bihar, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and West Bengal
Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Rajasthan

Friday, October 11, 2019

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Ali Wins Nobel Peace Prize for 2019

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, who forged a peace deal with Eritrea last year, has won the 2019 Nobel peace prize

A spokesperson announced: "The Norwegian Nobel committee has decided to award the Nobel peace prize for 2019 to Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation and for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.

After Ahmed had taken office in April 2018, he released political prisoners and later signed a peace agreement with the Eritrean leader Isaias Afwerki in a deal that saw Ethiopia agree to the border.

He has also championed women in politics, electing females to half of the government’s 20 ministerial posts.

Other figures who were considered in the running for this year’s prize included the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and Hong Kong pro-democracy activists.

Ninety-nine Nobel peace prizes have been awarded since 1901, to individuals and 24 organisations. While the other Nobel prize laureates are announced in Stockholm, the peace prize is awarded in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

It was won in 2018 by Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and human rights activist Nadia Murad for their campaign to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Assamese Writers and their Pen Names

Here is an extensive list of Assamese Writers with their Pen Names. Pl update us in case of you have any additional information. 

* The term sobriquet or soubriquet used here is referred to a nickname, sometimes assumed, but often given by another and being descriptive in nature (উপাধি in Assamese).

* The term Pen Name used here is a pseudonym adopted by an author and printed on the title page or by-line of their works in place of their real name (ছদ্ম নাম in Assamese).

Writer Sobriquet Pen Name
Anandaram Dhekial Phukan
A Native
Bhubanmohan Baruah
Kanchan Baruah
Indira Goswami
Mamoni Raisom Goswami
Mahendranath Deka Phukan
Monai Boiragi
Rebati Mohan Dutta Choudhury
Satyanath Bora
Ejon Asomiya
Syed Abdul Malik
Ajagar:Swami Abhangananda
Surendranath Medhi
Saurav Kumar Chaliha
Banikanta Kakati - Bhananda Pathak
Benudhar Sharma - Bihguti Bora
Bhabendra Nath Saikia - Priya Bandhu:Sanjay:Satyapriyo Pathak
Birinchi Kumar Barua - Bina Baruah:Rashna Baruah
Gunabhiram Barua - Guru Dutta
Hiren Gohain - Niranjan Phukan
Navakanta Barua - Ekhud Kakaideu:Sima Dutta
Pabitra Kumar Deka - Rasheswar Hazarika
Brajanath Sarma Abhinayacharya
Kamalakanta Bhattacharyya Agnikobi Astabakra
Ambikagiri Raichoudhury Asom Kesori
Nalinibala Devi Atindrabadi Kavi
Nilmani Phookan Bagmibor
Ananda Chandra Barua Bakulbonor Kavi
Ananda Chandra Agarwala Bhangani Konwar Sri Harsha
Raghunath Choudhary Bihogi Kavi
Kanaklata Baruah Birbala
Tarun Ram Phukan Deshbhakta
Binanda Chandra Barua Dhwoni Kobii Kerpai Sarma
Parvati Prasad Baruva Geetikavi Hoibhor Abhoipuria
Mafijuddin Ahmed Hazarika Gyanmalinir Kavi
Bishnuprasad Rabha Kalaguru Bishnupriya Rabha Tahkuria
Nabin Chandra Bordoloi Karmaveer
Bishnuram Medhi Lauha Manab
Gopinath Bordoloi Lokapriya
Rudra Baruah Luit Konwar
Phani Sarma Natasurjya
Ganesh Chandra Gogoi Paporir Kavi
Robin Dey Porasor Rongmon
Chandra Kumar Agarwala Pratimar Khonikor
Chakreshwar Bhattacharyya Rajpathar Sil
Mahim Bora Rangajiya kavi Dhanbor Kai
Jyotiprasad Agarwalla Roopkonwar
Lakshminath Bezbaroa Roxoraj, Sahityarathi Kripabar Barbaruah
Radha Gobinda Baruah Singhapurush
Hem Barua Tyagbir Sonaram Chand
Rajanikanta Bordoloi Upanyash Samrat Bholai Sarma

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